The field of artificial intelligence is a highly male dominated field: only 12% of the researchers who contributed work to three leading machine learning conferences in 2017 are women (source: "AI IS THE FUTURE—BUT WHERE ARE THE WOMEN?" article at WIRED.

GLITCH is dedicated to change this statistics. In order to increase the representation and participation of women in AI, we aim to create an ecosystem where we launch projects focus on women, and teach them how to be experts in AI! 

So far, in addition to our fashion work, we created human-AI collaborated perfume, jewelry, shoes and many more to come! Please subscribe to our newsletter below in order to get updates about our work.

These shoe designs are dreamed-up by AI!



We created an AI that generates novel perfume recipes and made them in real life at MIT Koch Institute! 


 Jewelry designer Erin Genia made jewelry designed by AI in real life!