One of the missions of GLITCH is supporting women in STEM. We feature some of the amazing women in STEM wearing GLITCH! Send us a picture wearing GLITCH along with a quote, and we will feature you here!

“I love MIT because no two days are the same. Every day offers a new challenge and a new discovery. It feels wonderful to be surrounded by a community as stoked to learn as I am.”
Autumn is a sophomore at MIT studying Material Science and Engineering with a pre-med track. She’ll be doing gene therapy research this summer in Israel!


It's been a wild ride changing fields and finding myself in STEM at MIT. I grew up believing that the sciences and technology were not for me. Sometimes I still feel that way!
But, I'm proof that it's never too late to follow your passions and make a path where there is none.”


“I think sometimes it’s easy to feel like a dope here at MIT, but I just have to tell myself that I’m here to learn and there’s no way I can know everything! The world is big and beautiful, and not knowing something just means there’s more to discover.”


“Growing up I was always interested in working in fashion, but I never really thought I would end up working as a software engineer in fashion. I love that I get to use both my creative and logical skills to help make fashion more inclusive, and by extension the tech industry as well!” .@doremidom is a singer, songwriter, model, software engineer and all-around superstar! ⭐️

 Emily Salvador holds a BSc in EECS and Music from MIT, and an MSc degree from MIT Media Lab.
Her research focuses on theme science, storytelling and artificial intelligence. 

 Pinar Yanardag is a former postdoc at MIT Media Lab, and has a PhD in Computer Science from Purdue. 
Her research focuses on creative usage of artificial intelligence and fashion.