In the midst of ‘AI awakening’ where machines are becoming good at many ‘human’ jobs, people are worried that AI will ultimately lead to mass unemployment by replacing them. On the contrary, we believe that we can achieve the most creative and productive outcomes when humans and machines work together to enhance each other’s complementary strengths and skills. By augmenting human capabilities and pushing the boundaries of creativity, GLITCH explores whether AI can inspire us to create things that wouldn’t have existed otherwise: an asymmetric dress with a normal sleeve accompanied by a bell sleeve, a shiny sequin dress accompanied by hotpink feathers, a black & white minimalistic dress?

GLITCH is founded by computer scientists turned fashion designers Pinar Yanardag and Emily Salvador at MIT. This creative duo shares the passion of using artificial intelligence for creativity as well as increasing representation and participation of women in computer science.

Pinar got her PhD in Computer Science from Purdue, and did her post-doc at MIT Media Lab where she specializes in AI x creativity. Emily got her bachelor's degree from EECS at MIT (with a double major in music) and completed her master's degree at MIT Media Lab. Her work focuses on theme parks, storytelling and AI. Together, they focus on the intersection of artificial intelligence and fashion, and love creating engaging tools to encourage human-AI collaboration!  

Note: Special thanks to our photographer Garrett Souza for taking the pictures of our AI dresses!